About Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah



 Praise be to God Alloh, that in the academic years 2013-2014 the age of Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah will be 25 years, the age of quarter century that can be categorized as education and teaching in Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah is always trying to improve its quality in various ways and eforts to achieve those objectives. Education and Teaching in Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah who never separated from the basic idea, namely the legislation of national education systems that have been set by government and the education system of Darussalam Gontor Islamic Boarding School.

The education and teaching in Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah is an education of boarding schools and provide the opportunity for the students for the State Exam ( MTsN / MAN ). The level of education was adopted six years to graduate of elementary school and four years for graduates of Junior Secondary education. Those who graduate from Al-Mawaddah for 6 years will get 3 diplomas or certificates at a time; boarding school diploma, certificates, and diplomas MTsN or MAN diplomas. Those are who graduate for 4 years will get 2 degrees ; boarding school diplomas and MAN diplomas.



Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah has private status and holds on the principle of “ Above and For All Class”, with the name “ MA’HAD AL-BANAT AL-ISLAMY”. These educational institutions are under the auspices of Al-Arham Foundation (notarys deed Number 12 of 1989) which has organized the education ranging from Play Group, Kinder Garten, Islam Integrated Primary School (SDIT), Madrasah Tsanawiyah (MTs), Madrasah ‘Aliyah (MA), Vocational School (SMK) dressmaking study oriented. On september, 29th 1997, Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah had obtained Al Mu’addalah ( diploma equation ) from Al-Azhar University of Egypt, according to the decree number 46/23/91997. Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah was able to directly follow the test for going into university to the islamic prides university of muslims with a diploma issued by this boarding school.

Further consecutive obtain Al-Mawaddalah from various universities, among others, Al-Ahgaff University in Yaman, Sudan University, Damascus University in Syria, and The International University in Malaysia.

On July, 9th 2011, MA Al-Mawaddah implemented accreditation and praise have been accredited A (excellent). At july 25th up to27th, 2010, MTs Al-Mawaddah held assesment and praise can maintain its status with the value A perhaps, with the status is improving the quality of education of Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah increased without losing the characteristics of Pesantren which still must be branded.


Educator is a figure who become Uswah Hasanah ( good behavior ) who exemplified his students. Educators have to appear as mentors and coaches for students well in developing creativity and potential as a driving force and motivator who will assist the students in achieving its goals. So there is unity of measures and actions, appropriate, efficient, and effective manner. The teacher in Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah consists of asatidz (male taecher) by the terms already married and ustadzaat (female teachers) from various aducational institutions in accordance with their respective field of study.

The total number of teachers in Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah academic year 2013-2014 amounted 150 people whoteach at educational institutions from Play Group, Kinder Garten, SDIT, MTs, MA, and Vocational School and 60 people of that amount are teachers who devoted graduation from Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah who live in boarding school to help, guide, and consultant of students in solving the daily problems that they face.

Thus, to analize the capability of an educators, at Pebruary 21st, 2013 hold some educator monitoring that presented by Ministry of religious affairs from Ponorogo district, which the goal settings are to build a professional and dedicative educator, in order to be able to do their duties.


One that stands out in the education system in Indonesia is a relatively quick turn of the curriculum, in the last decade itself we know the 1994 curriculum then followed by curriculum 2004 that popular known as Competency BasedCurriculum ( KBK ), in the year 2006, there was again the turn of the Education Unit Level Curriculum or SBC, and also we have a new curriculum in year 2013. This indicates that the education system in Indonesia is looking for a grand design of educational materials and strategic nature has not been created. Apparently not as easy as turning over the hand to adjust the curriculum in Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah curriculum that uses a mix between Darussalam Gontor Islamic Boarding School and Ministry of Religious Affairs curriculum. For education of Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah, Unit Level Curriculum ( SBC ) became an important momentum in order to trigger the self and do more creative with the design as soon as possible to prepare for their curriculum as possible so it can be the first instrument of learning quality.

Thus, at October 18th, 2012 up to Pebruary 04th, 2013 at every Friday, Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah hold an Arrangement of Pesantren Learning System Workshop use arabic that matches with SBC which has implemented in Indonesia with the educational tutor from Ponorogo, such :

1. Ust. Basuki As’ad, M. Pd

2. Ust. Miftahul Ulum, M. Pd

3. Ust. Muchlas, M. Pd

We wish the result of that workshop can be implemented and can improve the quality of education in this boarding school.

The goal setting of education in Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah is to form a virtuous woman (al mar’ah as-sholihah), physically healthy, knowledgeable, and wise and spirit willing thinking and holding on to her feminine nature.

In order to implement the curriculum target of Darussalam Gontor Islamic Boarding School and Ministry of Religious Affairs curriculum and systematically the team set a standard of competence curriculumconstituent groups of subjects ( SK-NMC ) as follows;

  1. Religion and morals nobel
  2. Citizenship and personality
  3. Science and technology
  4. Aesthetics
  5. Arts and health

Activities of each group of subject who were divided into three programs or groups:


Al-Qur’an, Tauhid, Tafseer, Hadith, Tajwid, Mutholaah, Fiqh, Usul Fiqh, Adyan, Tarjamah, Faorid, Indonesian Language,PKn, Penjaskes, Sociology, Economics, and Geography.


Supported program here is Arabic, Nahwu, Shorof, Balaghoh, Mahfudlat, Dictation, Insya’(composition), Khot, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, History, Grammar, Composition, and Art.


Tarbiyah, Ta’lim al Muta’alim, Fiqh an Nisa’, and rote Juz ‘amma


Islamic boarding school of Al-Mawaddahbis an islamic educational institution for girls in the form of boarding schools that provide the opportunity to take exams equation of MTsN and MAN.

A key point that needs to be known by all students and guardian students not to be said that learning is complete if only 3 years old only, but must travel greeting students for 4 or 6 years until sixth grade to get diploma schools. Students who left the boarding school before the sixth grade have not been able to take a diploma, because the boarding school program has not been completed.

Those who left the boarding school before sixth grade will receive a statement as follows;

  1. A letter grade III for those who have followed the national exam but have not followed the exam schools.
  2. A letter grade III sat next grade IV for those who already take the test at state boarding schools and grade IV.
  3. MTs new diplomas can be taken one year later, when the relevant student have sat down and completed the exam grade IV declared the next grade V.

Those who has completed all education up to class VI program will get 3 diplomas namely MTsN, MAN, and boarding school.

For that cooperation and undestanding expected of students and parents and particular for the sake of disipline and Sunnah Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah

Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah institute also maintains extracurricular activities to develop students talents and interests. Even in pesantren this extra activity is mandatory for all existing students. The activities are as follows: Improving on reading Al-Qur’an (Jami’atul Quro’), Indonesian, English, and Arabic Speech Training, conversation and continue to sport on Friday morning, the course of computer skills and arts and scout training.


Various strategics and develop good design associated with the system of curriculum, evaluation of learning adopted by students or santriwati delivered by professional teachers are teacher who have the ability to translate, transfer, and take decision according to their subject matter to achieve educational goals planned. National Institution and classroom teachers are able to manage the material delivered in a practical learning process, active, innovative, creative, and fun. To become professional teachers, the leadership of boarding schools provides an opportunity for teachers to :

  1. Master degree for ustadz – ustadzat in turns with the full cost boarding
  2. Setting the bachelor degree for ustadz – ustadzat yet an undergraduate at Al-Mawaddah STAISA held on thebasic of cooperation with the school of Islamic Higer Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi Jakarta. For education programs (tarbiyah) lecture held at Al-Mawaddah begin the academic year 2004-2005 and shall be followed by teachers who have not bachelor degree, to be assisted by the boarding fee
  3. In collaboration with other institution to follow MGMP both within Ministry of Religious Affairs and others
  4. Hold an upgrading teachers at the beginning of each school year for all ustadz-ustadzat and prospective teachers held by the leader of Islamic Girl Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah with matter relating to the system and learning procces
  5. Conducting computer training for the cleric teacher who is not fluent in operational of the computer
  6. Holding workshop about the arrangement of state and boarding curricuum of English and Arabic lesson every beginning of the academic year.

Mid year exam 2013- 2014 at the Girl Islamic Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah implemented into 2 phases :

  1. The first stage Oral Examination
  2. Semester and written examination

In the implementation of national examination ( UN ) and the Islamic school final exam ( UAM ) 2013-2014 school year MTs-MA Al-Mawaddah as an organizer of the national exam Sub region MAN 1 Ponorogo. To support and enhance the students learning and succes in lesson does not waive boarding school materials. On May 2014 we all entere into quarantine and guidance counselors to learn in order the studentscan reach gloriuous achievement in all fact at the end of the lesson, wether boarding lesson and public lesson. So, began June up to May 2014 was held quarantine and tutoring in the afternoon and evening, which was hosted by professional teachers in accordane with field studies.


Final examination of girl islamic boarding school of Al-Mawaddah implemented as follows:

  1. Oral examination on June 1- 4 , 2014.
  2. Semester and written exam held on 05- 15 of June 2014.