Memorization of Juz ‘Amma, Yaasin, and al-Waqi’ah


The aim of Boarding School of Al-Mawaddah is to educate the students to be a good Moslem to be useful for religion, nation, and state. Apart from that, al-Mawaddah also prepare the students as cadres of the people are able to promote community and family to the path of the blessing of Allah SWT, creating peaceful family and the community realized a safe, peaceful and prosperous.

Al-Qur’an as scripture and the guidance of human life must not be abandoned and neglected. In the framework of deepening and understanding of the Holy Qur’an at Boarding School Al-Mawadah requires he students specifically the entire class VI to memorize Juz ‘Amma, Yaasin, al-Waqi’ah before completing their study at Boarding School Al-Mawaddah. For this year Juz ‘Amma, Yaasin, and al-Waqi’ah in the early increase in class VI. After memoriuze Juz ‘Amma exams are also held in preparation for any future IMAM plunge in the family and society.